Student of the Month

Foster’s Student of the Month program is an opportunity for students to recognize their MBA peers who go above and beyond to selflessly improve the experience for others. We want to celebrate the ways that individuals best represent Foster’s brand of community and willingness to lend a helping hand. These activities can range from stepping up during a challenging group assignment, to organizing family-oriented events off-campus, to tutoring others in preparation for an exam. To all our winners, past, present and future…we tip our hat to you!


Congratulations to January’s Student of the Month: Will Levin of the class of 2019:

will“Will shows up to everything at Foster with a smile and a positive attitude. Whether it’s a TA session at 10a on a Sunday, the MBAA Huddles, or class, his positive attitude adds value to any room he enters! On top of his can-do attitude, Will asks insightful questions in the classroom that have personally contributed to my educational experience during Q1 at Foster. Last, but certainly not least, his jokes have helped lighten the mood during some of the most challenging lectures!”





Congratulations to December’s Student of the Month: Melinda Ritchie of the class of 2019:melinda

“Melinda has an amazing attitude during class and review sessions, she is a student role-model because of her courage to ask questions on confusing topics in class. Sometimes, her questions are hard to formulate, but that’s even more admirable, because it take guts! With her voice, Melinda has become a learning tool for her classmates. Thank you, Melinda, for asking the hard questions and being yourself!


Congratulations to October’s Student of the Month: Zach Hokett of the class of 2017:


“Zach has really stepped up and put the legwork into group assignments this quarter. He has proactively built massive spreadsheets that saved the entire team a huge amount of time by making it much more efficient. He has volunteered to do whatever was needed.

While Zach isn’t in at formal leadership positions at Foster, he is one of the most involved people in the program. we would like to recognize his commitment to each of us lucky enough to be in his class and in his group.” For being an all-star, Zach Hokett has been awarded student of the month!
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