#OneFoster is an MBAA initiative to reinforce the Foster community, regardless of cohort or program. For the last few years, we’ve put on a successful team-building Scavenger Hunt through the U-District to knock down class borders and build camaraderie in the program. Both full-time and evening students across all classes are randomly assigned teams to complete a checklist of photos and tasks in a friendly competition around campus.

What’s the Benefit?

  • Expand your network:  It’s easy to get silo-ed into your individual cohorts once you join the program. However, we want to prevent that mentality and introduce more events that break down borders in a fun, competitive, and engaging way.
  • Learn about the UW community: You’re going to spend countless hours in just one building on campus, but we want to introduce the surrounding area to students so they can appreciate the rich ecosystem that UW offers.
  • Nourishment:)  After the event, the MBAA will provide food and drink so you can relax, mingle and make new connections.
  • Prizes: As you’ll learn in the program, incentives change behavior!  We want to fuel that competitive spirit and provide some fun prizes for our top finishers.  Event T-shirts will also be available for sale to all participants.

Check out some of the activities below!



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