Message From The President


Dear Class of 2020-

On behalf of Foster Evening MBA program and the Evening MBA Association (MBAA), I am excited to welcome you to the Foster Family! You were each chosen for a reason and you are an integral part of your class, as well as the Evening MBA program overall; you all bring unique experiences, knowledge, talents and skills that will strengthen the group and I thank you for sharing these!

While we all have varied backgrounds, goals and reasons for obtaining an MBA, we are united in our commitment to investing in our futures by pursuing a Foster MBA. This choice will undoubtedly be challenging- balancing school, work, family and friends requires a lot of hard work, creativity and juggling- but also incredibly rewarding! As you start to prepare for this adventure, I encourage you all to think about what you want to get out of the next three years: you could have chosen an easier path, but you chose to come to Foster on top of all of the other commitments in your life- I hope that you will consider all of the opportunities outside of the classroom available both in Foster and UW, in addition to your coursework.

Because you are a part of Foster, you will have a vast array of resources available to you to support your learning and growth such as Foster’s world-class faculty and staff, the Foster Alumni Network, Career Services, UW resources and most importantly, each other. The relationships you build here are just as important as the skills you’ll develop! One of the best ways to help facilitate your relationship building is by joining the MBAA- whether you’re looking to expand your network, participate in fun social events, find people in the program who share your interests, develop your leadership skills, learn more about specific industries, or have a beer and conversations with fellow MBAs, we’ve got something for everyone! Personally, the MBAA has greatly enriched my time at Foster- the amazing experiences I’ve had by both volunteering on the MBAA Board and attending MBAA events are some that I’ll always cherish! If you’d like to learn more about becoming an MBAA member, please join us for the New Student BBQ on Saturday, August 12th at 11a or check out our membership page on the MBAA website.

Congratulations, again, on joining this incredible program! Please feel free to reach out to me personally or to the MBAA at if you have questions or if there is anything we can do to support you as you begin this exciting endeavor! Also, stay tuned to the Class of 2020 Facebook page and your UW email for more information about MBAA events and updates. I look forward to meeting you at MBAA events and throughout the school year! Welcome to the family!


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