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Interested in developing your leadership skills and contributing to the Foster experience? Is leaving the Foster MBA Program in a better position than you found it important to you?  Do you want to help create interesting and diverse experiences to help your classmate learn and build their personal and professional networks? If so, you should consider running for a leadership role on the MBAA Board!  Incoming Class Rep elections are held in October and general elections for the upcoming year are held in March. Please see the list of position descriptions or reach out to a current board member for information about the role.

Meet your new 2017-2018 Evening MBAA Board:

Thank you to everyone who ran for MBAA Board roles! Please join us in congratulating your 2017-2018 MBAA Board:

  • President: April Munoz-Adock (2018)
  • EVP of Operations: Sara Ortolani (2018)
  • EVP of Communication: Lauren Lyddon (2018)
  • EVP of Fiance: Michael Moshofsky (2018)
  • 2018 Class Reps: Chris Castro and Wendy Carmikle
  • 2019 Class Reps: Carl Seip and Breanne Jesionowski
  • VP of Academic Affairs: Joy Zhang (2019)
  • VP of Alumni Affairs: Eva Chow (2019)
  • VP of Community Outreach: Katie Durham (2019)
  • VP of Diversity: Derrek Zietz (2018)
  • VP of Information Technology: Kenneth Aphibal (2019)
  • VP of Membership: Lindsay O’Connell (2019)
  • VP of Program Relations: Almeera Anwar (2019)
  • VP of Student Affairs: Will Levin (2019)

2016-2017 Evening MBAA Board


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