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What hardware do I need?

A few times a year, some quantitative classes like Finance and Statistics will require use of a laptop in class. It’s definitely recommended that you have one available, although you won’t need it for most classes.

On the other hand, some professors prohibit laptops during class. Students will often need to refer to 20-30 page cases for class discussion – we’re aware that many would prefer to not print these out and just use an electronic device.  In that case, a tablet like an iPad or Surface Pro are solid contingencies.  When in doubt, ask your professor, they are quite understanding.


Windows or Mac?

Both are sufficient, but there are several required Add-Ins (like Analysis ToolPak, Solver and TreePlan) for Excel that are better served with PCs.  You can definitely get by with a Mac but if there are issues, you’ll be expected to figure out the work-around on your own as most professors aren’t as familiar with Mac versions.

What Software Will We Use?

Aside from the aforementioned Excel Add-Ins, you will have to use SPSS at least once during the program. It’s not available for Mac, but it can be accessed remotely through a UW server.  Here are directions for getting access to remote SPSS.

Your tuition covers the Office Suite so take advantage!  Click here for more details on how to download it. The most widely used software option is the Office 365 ProPlus subscription which is available to all active UW students.


With the many group projects and students’ competing schedules, you’ll most likely need to collaborate on some assignments in the cloud.  Google Drive and OneDrive are likely the easiest solutions in this case.

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